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This page provides an overview of services offered by Progressive Options.

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One–Stop Support and Advocacy

Progressive Options is Lincoln County's local information and referral center for human services and support.

If you have a disabililty, make Progressive Options your one-stop source for the help you need to achieve and maintain a lifestyle of dignity, independence, security, and the opportunity for happiness that you are entitled to, whatever your disability.

We serve individuals and families, without discrimination.

Our services are free.

We assist people in representing their concerns and ideas to others in order to achieve, maintain and improve independent living.

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Information and Referral

We specialize in benefits, services and resources.

Our friendly staff and volunteers help you locate and access the services you need. We can help with government forms and paperwork. Plus we provide phone, FAX, and copier services. We have computers available for email and Internet access.

We network with local organizations and agencies that provide training and employment assistance, housing, food stamps, health care, transportation, translation, rent support, utilities assistance, professional counseling, spiritual guidance (church referrals), home care, and legal referrals.

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Counseling and Support

We offer reassurance to help you deal with your fears and concerns. We offer classes in empowerment and living skills. We offer social opportunities such as evening drug-free social activities at our center. plus dances and special events to keep your spirits up, make new friends, and build a support network.

We assist consumers in making informed decisions, adjusting to disabilities, understanding rights and responsibilities, and assessing options.

We conduct educational programs designed to increase the public's knowledge about the needs and issues involving human and civil rights.

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Emergency Assistance

We can help you locate showers, laundry facilities, raw food, hot meals, basic clothing, and other essentials. We can take emergency phone messages.

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Advocacy and Outreach

We help you obtain the services you're entitled to and help you protect your rights as a tenant, patient, citizen, and consumer. We do outreach for the free Children's Health Insurance Program and the Family Health Insurance Program and help you understand Oregon Health Plan benefits.

We advocate for disabled access and the rights of all people with disabilities. We work to increase public awareness of human rights of all citizens. We support your right to a voice in the community.

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