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About Us

This page tells a little about Progressive Options and what we do.

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Mission Statement

The Progressive Options mission is to bridge the gap between life challenged by disability and the fulfilling lives our clients deserve by providing employment training, counseling, support groups, advocacy and outreach.

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Our History

Progressive Options was born in 1996 when a group of five people concerned with the unique problems of people with disabilities came together to help themselves and others.

Progressive Options was incorporated in 1996 and received nonprofit status in 1998.

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Our Client Services


We assist people in representing their concerns and ideas to others in order to achieve, maintain and improve independent living.

Information and Referral

We specialize in benefits, services and resource phone directories.

Peer Counseling

We assist consumers in making informed decisions, adjusting to disabilities, understanding rights and responsibilities, and assessing options.

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More Client Services


We conduct educational programs designed to increase public awareness of needs and issues affecting human and civil rights. We also network with other service providers.

Message Service

Email, postal mail, Internet access, and more.

Social Life

We at Progressive Options understand that life with disability can often feel pretty isolating. We have a lounge at our office where you are welcome to hang out and visit with staff and others. We want to help!

We also have computers with high speed Internet access for you to look up jobs or information. We offer basic computer training and have an on-site technician who can answer questions and provide tutoring when needed.

Occasionally we have social events like dances or a movie night. Keep your eyes on this Web site, or drop by and visit us to find out about our upcoming events.

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If you need any of these services, please contact us! We are here to help you.

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